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- Telmar İletişim Sistemleri Ltd. has continued its activities in IT sector since 1993.
Telmar has been acting as a Solution Provider since 1997, and is capable of providing services in all Internet matters.
Telmar provides all Internet services through its expert staff made up of its founders, understructure and hardware under its own structure.
Telmar is a real Solution Provider with its own DNS, WEB, MAIL and SQL servers .

If one looks for Telerehber in the Internet, he/she may find 442.000, 191.000 and 29.900 results in Google, Yahoo respectively. Besides, Telerehber is found in all searchs made in turkish language and all searchs with respect to Turkey.

The foreign commercial attachés in Turkey and the turkish commercial attachés in foreign countries are giving links to Telerehber as the commercial directory for Turkey.

Telerehber is considered as the directory of firms and is being referred to as the yellow pages for Turkey and links are given thereto:
1- As yellow pages for Turkey in the site international
2- In the turkish section of the biggest directory site of Europe , Telerehber -Turkfreezone is being referred to as partner
3- In the web site of the german post office link is being given to Telerehber as yellow pages for Turkey.
4- If a global search is made in the German site, "Who supplies what, where" any search for Turkey is made in Telerehber (
5- In yellow pages Belgium
6- In yellow pages Netherlands
7- In yellow pages Norway
8- In yellow pages Spain
9- In the International Telephone Directory (Business directory (yellow pages) for companies in Turkey) it is being introduced as business directory for companies and link is being given to.
10- In yellow pages Greece
11- In the Polish telephone directory
12- In yellow pages Ireland
13- Swedish foreign trade undersecretariat
14- Danish Yellow Pages
15- Germany Telephon Book web site as Turkei Telephon Guide Turkindex.


    - www.Telerehber.Com -
    Business Guide
    Telerehber has been featured since 1997 and visited by millions of people in such a short time.
    Telerehber is a directory of Turkish companies with 300,000 Turkish company addresses under 700 sectors. Thousands of visitors visit Telerehber and hundreds of new companies sign up each day. It will be a real TURKINDEX with its new program capable of listing all Turkish companies all over the world.

    - www. TurkFreeZone.Com
    Turkish Free Trade Region TurkFreeZone.Com is featured as B2B e-business site. Thousands of member companies buys and sells products through TurkFreeZone.Com.
    TurkFreeZone.Com is also featured in www.SerbestBolge.Com and TurkTradeIndex.Com web addresses.
    A Web index (search engine) where web (URL) addresses of Turkish companies are featured under 1.200 sectors with a wide range of search options.
    Classified Advertisements Site
    Advertisements of those who are looking for new employees, vacancies, real estate for hire or sale, vehicles, various goods, computers, furniture, pets for sale, and cleaning.

    Telmar Communication Services A.Ş.
    Address: Topkapı Ticaret Merkezi TTM 2 No:163 cevizlibağ
    Topkapı - Istanbul - Turkey
    Tel : +90 212 222 72 00
    Fax: +90 212 222 72 03

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